Hi I'm Carlos

I’m a creative thinker that has moved beyond the pursuit of wealth as it’s commonly known.

To do this I have redefined a new reality of wealth based on 7 simple principles:

  1. You become POWERFUL the moment that you take responsibility and own your choices
  2. You become RICH the moment that you own your time
  3. You become ABUNDANT the moment you understand that the less is often more
  4. You become HAPPY the moment you find acceptance and live in the moment
  5. You become more HUMAN the moment you can truly see yourself through the eyes of others
  6. You become FREE the moment you love yourself
  7. You become CREATIVE the moment you stop thinking and start acting

Being rich is having money

Being wealthy is having time.

Margaret Bonnano

My Mission:

To be one of the most creative minds in the XXI Century.

I want to help others by unifying principles and working towards an integrated harmonious existence. 


Through balancing simplicity with complexity and making life blissful and abundant.

My Story

Since I can remember I always was in the pursuit of creating. But more specifically I was interested in creating from a place of logical thinking.

My first awareness of this was when I was 4 years old. There was an incident with a dirty pet parrot and a washing machine that sadly didn’t end well. But apart from being ever so slightly traumatized by the whole incident it sparked my life long pursuit of trying to join the logical world to my (slightly left of field) ideas.

And here I am, over 40 years later still blending the world of imagination with reality.

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. My upbringing was pretty strict. This really impacted the first 20 years of my life.
Through the study of religion and philosophy I was always looking for answers:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What’s my purpose in life?


You know, the normal stuff teenage boys worry about…

My father was an architect who worked hard and climbed economically. Taking us from a small 2 bedroom apartment to a Mansion in one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in the city. As a teenager, I became more and more interested in his work. How he helped to turn ideas into plans, and finally into buildings.

But what I really remember was that as our houses got bigger and the cars my parents drove were newer and more expensive, I felt more lonely.

My father was around less and we spent less time together as a family. For a long time I believed that success, wealth and business growth were negative things. Being wealthy and happy was impossible.

As my personal life became strained in my late 20’s I turned my back on my business and finance career despite attending the best business schools in Mexico and being on a solid career path in the pursuit of happiness.

I dove in head first to almost a decade of ‘living like an artist’. Money was of no interest to me. I became a painter, I designed shoes and bags, I meditated, practiced yoga, went horseback riding, hiked mountains, and I even ran marathons. But what I realised rather abruptly when my father passed away was that I was only running away from realizing my true potential.

True wealth, happiness, and prosperity comes from a place of inner joy. A joy that we are all born with, but somewhere along the line we forget. By focusing just on financial wealth, so often we forget that true wealth and abundance should include all aspects of our lives.

As they say, it’s all about balance…

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